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Bonjour ! I'm Awena.

I love 3 things: pasta carbonara, travelling and capturing moments.
My love of travel started with my parents, with whom I had the chance to go on wonderful road-trips. As far as pasta carbonara and photography are concerned, I think it has always been ingrained in me.
I come from France. After finishing my master in business school in part-time student/working, I decided to explore the world with my backpack. I started my world tour in September 2021, and I finished it in August 2022. And it is thanks to this trip that my taste for photography has grown.
Today, I am very pleased to share my travel tips and photos on this travel blog.

A bientôt !

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Find the TOP 5 destinations to visit during your stay in Guatemala!


01 February 2022- Destinations – America – Guatemala

Acatenango: hike a volcano

In Guatemala and especially in Antigua, the ascent of the Acatenango volcano is a must! It is a 2-day excursion that takes you to the top of the volcano.


06 September 2022 –Photography

The purpose isnt so much to tell you about my life (even if I love it), but to show that there is no age, no good time, training to learn how to take “nice” pictures.

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