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Bonjour ! I'm Awena.

I love 3 things: pasta carbonara, travelling and capturing moments.
My love of travel started with my parents, with whom I had the chance to go on wonderful road-trips. As far as pasta carbonara and photography are concerned, I think it has always been ingrained in me.
I come from France. After finishing my master in business school in part-time student/working, I decided to explore the world with my backpack. I started my world tour in September 2021, and I finished it in August 2022. And it is thanks to this trip that my taste for photography has grown.
Today, I am very pleased to share my travel tips and photos on this travel blog.

A bientôt !

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Travel tips

30 January 2023 – Travel Tips – Prepare a trip

Find the details of my bag during my 10 months of travel! Technical data and my opinion!


19 Janvier 2023 – Destinations – America – Brazil

Discover 5 dream places between dream beaches, culture and history, Brazil has a lot to show you


16 November 2022 – Destinations – AmericaMexico

From the north to the south of the city: TOP 23 things to do during your stay in Mexico City ! Visit the city with this city guide!


28 February 2022- Destinations – America – Panama

During this cruise, I had my eyes full of it! Paradise is surely there, or at least it must strongly resemble it.


25 January 2022 – Destinations – America – Guatemala

Find the TOP 5 destinations to visit during your stay in Guatemala!


01 February 2022- Destinations – America – Guatemala

Acatenango: hike a volcano

In Guatemala and especially in Antigua, the ascent of the Acatenango volcano is a must! It is a 2-day excursion that takes you to the top of the volcano.


06 September 2022 –Photography

The purpose isnt so much to tell you about my life (even if I love it), but to show that there is no age, no good time, training to learn how to take “nice” pictures.


30 August 2022 –Photography

If you are here, it’s because you have a specific question in mind! What equipment accompanied me during my 10 months of travel around the world? 

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“There are times when the wildest dreams seem achievable if you dare to try.

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